No rewards for ads

What happened to my estimated earnings and why am I not receiving any rewards for ads?

this question gets asked daily by most members. They will claim it does in fact work and you are an isolated incident when in fact they are not paying out or giving ads at all. They will then close your question out without a valid response.

There is a 99% chance that your wallet was simply flagged by the system.

at first when i start using brave i reg 2-3 bat in month . but now the day its hard to collect 1 bat in a month. some time no reward receive after view ads , and also pay a ;littkle amount of bat per ads. before it pay 0.025 bat per ads, now its pay 0.002-0.005 bat per ads while thw bat price is running 48-50 inr or 0.5 USD right now

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