This is the day I stop using Brave

I have been using Brave for a very long time, even got most of my family and friends to use it on all their devices as well. While they are all still happy with Brave, I myself will have to stop using it because of it not functioning as intended.

For the past 3 months I have been getting more and more adds on youtube. I use youtube all day every day, so it is a MUST that the add blocker is working. I have tried a lot of different things to fix the problem, but this is across multiple OS’s and on 5 different devices, both PC, 2 phones a laptop and a Ipad. So I believe the problem is with Brave.

I hate Google to the core, but sadly the add blocker extensions on Chrome is working perfectly on youtube, so I’m forced to start using that again.

I waited 3 months to see if Brave got this fixed, but nothing has changed sadly.
I will be checking back eventually to see if it get’s fixed, because my time with Brave has been a joy before the problems started.

How were “Rewards” working for you? That is my “sticking point” with Brave. The one feature that distinguishes itself from other browsers is very bug-ridden for me, and apparently many others.

I read that a couple of times now, but for myself it works fine. I’m not getting any youtube ads here in Germany on Windows.

Never had rewards activated, so can’t give a review of that aspect.

I envy you that! I will check back in a few months to see if it’s been solved.