""This extension may have been corrupted.""

It was also a much better version.

It is deprecated, so it does not matter if it was better or not. You have two options, either use the new brave wallet or regular metamask. Since, you liked the old brave wallet, you will feel comfortable with metamask as the old wallet was legally forked from metamask.

that is what makes not sense tho. it should still be an option. there is no reason it just magically got corrupted and cannot be fixed…and no. that version was way different. I cannot understand how to do certain things now that I could do before and it is very frustrating that I cannot get help to just fix the corrupted extension that I prefer to use.

Had the same problem, lost access to my metamask as i didnt have the recovery phrase, and the when i repaired the extension it corrupted all the files to use the vault decryptor. The support is terrible

What, you did not write those 12/24 words? Improper way to handle crytocurrencies.

This seems to be you Encrypted ldb file Brave has wiped my metamask wallet saying it was corrupted and now I can not access the certain adress that has all my tokens!

@Krustydj I would suggest trying to create an issue on metamask support as it is more so related to metamask wallet rather than brave wallet. https://scribe.rip/@misunderstood.ashley/back-up-and-recover-your-metamask-wallet-96414b2a9d14 (the tutorial seems for an app and not for the extension)


There is an option here to make the deprecated crypto wallets extension available in a new install or in a new profile: brave://flags/#ethereum_remote-client_new-installs
We don’t recommend you use that old wallet though and don’t see a reason to do that.

I’d recommend to use the new wallet at brave://wallet and restore you seed phrase there.

Please note for others that for support on MetaMask it’s better to contact MetaMask.