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Thank you for replying. I have already tried that through my own research to no avail. That is why I posted it here. The issue isnt with enabling the wallet. The issue is with the extension NOT WORKING because it says it is CORRUPTED. How can I get the crypto wallet extension fixed or repaired or reinstalled? I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. I have completely restored the seed phrase etc. The other wallet was the best wallet I have used, and also the most user friendly, which is why I do not wish to use Meta Mask or the new version of Brave wallet. There is a ‘repair’ button on the corrupted extension, but when I click it, nothing happens. Thank you.

Also, as a side note. It wasnt until the last update that this became an issue. Open Sea wasnt reading my wallet and asked me to download Meta Mask. Once I downloaded Meta Mask, that was when the crypto wallet extension became corrupted. I tried uninstalling Meta Mask but nothing helps me fix the corrupted extension so far, and I have no way of finding it. That version was WAY better than the new version by far, and Meta Mask is trash. Please. Please help me figure out how to repair the deprecated extension so that I may actually use a wallet of my choosing. Thank you

Hi there,
I gave an answer about how to use the old wallet in this message:

You should use a new profile or clear out your profile (backup things first while the browser is closed). Your profile directory can be found in here: brave://version/

yes sir, you did. this was my reply since you closed the other thread.

I did the flag enable thing already pri

The ‘repair’ button does nothing. But as you can see, the option is there adn enabled. I would just appreciate an understanding of how to address the fixing of the extension. Thanks!

So if I created a new profile, is that for Brave itself? I am also connected through Uphold. Does that matter? Thanks

Basically what I am gathering is that I can create a new profile, then import my wallet? Which is great. What do I lose with that as far as my profile goes?

I’m not sure why it’s corrupted but Uphold is not related to the self custody wallet in any way. They are independent features. You can find the ability to create a new profile in the hamburger menu on the top right.

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