""This extension may have been corrupted.""

My wallet extension says it may have been corrupted and no longer works. There is a ‘repair’ tab but when I push it nothing happens. Please advise.

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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Brave. I have tried to reset defaults. I have tried to restore. SIgh. I have a whitelist purchase in 7 hours PLEASE PLEASE get me access to my funds before then. Please. Thanks.

Which wallet are you exactly talking about? Metamask or the old brave wallet or the new brave wallet?

You might be using the old one, move to the new one. You can also import it directly (I think only primary accounts can be imported).

If you are still unable to do it via brave wallet, then use Metamask for sometime.

Ive been using the depricated crypto wallet for a long while now. This just happend today. All of my NFTs and everything are there. Now I cannot connect to my opensea etc and am freaking out

meta mask just generated addresses with nothing connected to them. everything i had was connected to that one address within the wallet on brave

I also dont know anything about meta mask because it was already forked into brave by the time I messed with any of it. Can I somehow import my address to the metamask because all it gives me is empty addresses. But I dont know if it is safe for me to log into open sea with a different address until I fix it? Ugh. This stinks

Your wallet/private key is not exactly related to which wallet you use. You can use MM generated wallet on the old/new brave wallet and vice versa. Meaning your crypto is not exactly tied to a specific wallet, you can import wallets to each other.

Go to brave://wallet/crypto/restore-wallet and restore your old brave wallet to the new one. Use this article as reference https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015289612-How-to-restore-your-MetaMask-wallet-from-Secret-Recovery-Phrase (it is related to metamask but will work with the new brave wallet.)

For how many months are you dealing in crypto?

@Chocoholic @Aman_M

I tried that restore it didnt work. Ive done crypto for 5 years or so, just not used to all the different nft nuances really

I have tagged two more guys, they will be able to help more than me.

What exactly did not work? Importing accounts or after importing properly, accounts not visible or crypto not visible?

i can see my address in the other version of ‘brave wallets prefer extensions’ but the meta mask does not link to it. so i need to open meta mask with a generic address then try to import my other one to metamask?

Like I need the account stuck on brave to link to opensea…without it being in the forked version automatically, I need the metamask extension…but it doesnt match anything I have log in wise anywhere or with addresses I recognize or use

I got it transferred over. I think lol. Thank you for your help


@d4rthtr4d3r I am just curious, is extension repaired? Did you have 24-words legacy seed phrase? Did you try importing using private keys insted of the seed phrase?

I figured out how to link the metamask and stuff, but the actual Brave extension/wallet that had it integrated no longer works and I have been having trouble with everything in my browsers since. It is super frustrating to not be able to get decent help for literally one of the only reasons I use the browser :frowning:

HELLLLLOOOOO? Any real help from support would be appreciated. I would like to have the other version back and available. Thanks.

2 weeks and ZERO ‘support’??? REALLY??? Help please…

You are typing all types of weird stuff. That is why me and the other guy (presumably in his case) left from the thread.

You also wrote this, so I thought the issue was solved.

I still cannot get that what exactly is the issue exactly created for. Also in my opinion you are confusing a lot of things, that is why I specifically asked if you are new to crypto.

If you are not a native english speaker, I would suggest using an online translator like google translate, deepl etc.

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I am not sure what is confusing. I cannot access the depricated version of the brave wallet extension because the extension is broken. There is a ‘repair’ button that doesn’t do anything when clicked. Yes, I can access my wallet through meta mask, but it is not the same format or as user friendly as the version I am used to and would like to use. I have been in crypto for like 6 years, but trying to learn another version of the wallet is annoying and I cannot add or access other tokens effectively now. Seriously not understanding what is confusing here?

The old wallet is deprecated. It has been not updated in months now. You need to move to the new wallet, brave company itself says so. That is why it is labelled as deprecated.

it was fine until I inadvertently installed meta mask extension. then it corrupted the other one.