There is no reward button in my mobile..i'm just dissapointed because i earned in many months and when i want to withdraw there is no reward button, so dissapointing

I mean withdraw button

Please can someone help me from brave support?

Based on your screenshot, your Rewards wallet is connected to Uphold account. There’s no extra steps required as the process will happens automatically.

You should see the same balance reflected on your “Brave Browser” card in your Uphold account.

I also have the same prolem.

Indeed, on my smartphone, I have 95,935 Bat (image 1) waiting to be send on my uphold account (same account as my cumputer) . My smartphone account is also verified (image 1/2).

On my cumputer, I have my two profile of page (for relax and when I work). All of these are connect to the same Uphold account and verified.

But none of my smartphone BAT never came on my uphold account !!! (image 3/4)

I think something gone wrong but I don’t know what !!!

I also saw that none all of my bat from my computer researches came on my uphold account. (I don’t have screen of that…)

Did someone can helped me ???