No visible way to transfer BAT to Uphold

Hello. I am using brave on Android. When I click on my rewards (278 BAT), the bottom says “Your Brave Wallet is powered by Uphold”. I dont see any "verify button on the top like in the Uphold instruction video (Im not sure if I verified a long time ago). But funds never transfer to my Uphold account. The only funds that ever have transfered, came from my computer version of Brave.

Side note: If I log into Uphold, I dont see any way to add or link my mobile Brave. I have deleted the link to the computer version and also dont see a way to add one in the future. I talked to Uphold support…they sent me here.

Brave Version 1.18.77
OS: Android 9; SM-G950U

Thanks for your help.

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Meaning behind this app there is a spam?

I’m not sure what you mean by “spam”.

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The button is there @boratt1599. Click the Rewards triangle icon and make sure you’ve the latest version.

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I have been trying many several free Crypto sites but when I reached minimum withdrawal I can’t withdraw.
Now I am trying to earn with brave and I can’t see my effort of using this app.
I do use it daily but every end month I don’t see any increase in my earnings balance. It continue decreasing.

So oddly enough, when I clicked on the triangle several times today the balance would read 0, but the rewards page showed my correct balance. All of the issues I was experiencing were from home. …when I saw your reply I happened to be on my carriers network and not on wifi, and I thought, what the heck, I’ll click it again, and poof! The verify button was there, and a new claim for tokens. So all is sorted now, so maybe it is something on my home network preventing? No idea, but glad I have my rewards now.

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