Brave Rewards "Create Wallet" Not Working on Android phone

I just installed BB for Android phones. And surprisingly this version has no “Create Wallet” button in the Reward section, it means I can’t receive funds or link it to the Uphold account.
Could u explain how to deal with that issue? I hope it’s the correct version of the BB I got from Google Play

If I am not mistaken that verify wallet button is your way to create/connect your brave wallet to uphold… and you’ll be able only to verified it if you already have 25 BAT… try to tap that verify thing and it will tell you… it shows 0 bal. so can not create wallet yet… let’s wait for the brave team proper explanation😃.

Funny things, that I have 30 BAT in my BB wallet but I can’t move it to anywhere, even to verified Uphold account. :slight_smile:

Oh… then let’s wait for the brave support to solve it… hope it will be fix soon. sir @steeven maybe can help with it.

baki dalam brave wallet saya hilang.dari bulan april hingga sekarang.semua nya menjadi kosong.kanapa? Tolong bantu saya.saya belum pernah membuat apa2 pengeluaran lagi sehingga sekarang. Bagaimana

Hi @AlanGrid - you Rewards Panel balance shows as 0. Is this incorrect?

I suppose it’s (some kinda error in the mobile app)not correct, usually after installation, the BAT account credited by a small amount for activation, but in my case, it didn’t happen. I just wanted to figure out how to fix it, because it definitely an issue and how to get rid of it?

Seems like you talking about free grants which is no longer issued. Users now able to earn BAT from Brave Ads.

I have not seen a rewards for advertising since March, so I decided to install a mob. app. just in case to check how it works, and unfortunately, it doesn’t even have a Create Wallet button. I do not think that we can expect any significant grant from such raw technology.

If you’re not seeing ads, please make sure you have the proper permissions granted to the browser on your Android device so that Ads can properly display.

If you’re not seeing many ads, it may be because of the region you’re located in and the number of ad campaigns running/available in that region. You can find these numbers at

In order to withdraw funds from the browser (whether on the mobile or Desktop version), you need to have a Verified wallet associated with an Uphold account. If you do not have one, any earned BAT will stay in your browser wallet.

Your Rewards panel in the image you shared shows a 0.0 balance, but you also said that you had 30 BAT in your wallet – are you referring to your Desktop wallet?

Wallet empty…

yes, that exactly where I’m referring to… the Desktop wallet

You cannot “move” funds from wallet to wallet – what you can do, is verify your wallet on both Desktop and Android, linking them to the same Uphold account. That will give you access to the same funds across platforms (for any wallet associated with that Uphold account).

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as you can see in my screenshot, there is no “Create Wallet” button, on my android device, which of the whole point of this thread. If I can’t create a wallet, can’t deposit, obviously, so, nothing to connect.

As @Ella20 pointed out in her first reply, there is not “Create wallet” button. It is a Verify wallet button, and I can see it in your screenshot:

how I’m suppose to verify if I can’t deposit 25 BAT?

Right – then you can’t. You have to earn (or puchase) the 25 BAT. You will then be able to verify. However, your issue was that “there was no ‘create wallet’ button” – which is correct, there isn’t. It is a “verify” button and it comes with certain requirements which you have not yet met.

Once you do, you will be able to verify your mobile wallet and link it to your Uphold account.

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