There is a temporary problem with the Uphold verification

2 days ago this message appeared, so I disconnected the service and logged in again, but the message still appears. Can support help me?

“There is a temporary problem with the Uphold verification. Your Brave Rewards will remain in a pending state and retry will be performed automatically, but you can also try again later.”

No friend, I didn’t receive any information from the uphold, as I already did the KYC with the additional information. I went to my account and everything is fine.


It would be best advised that you reach out to Uphold support if you have to resubmit or update any documents on your account.


@lcbgarcia Unfortunately, your error doesn’t share much. As what I linked mentioned as well as SaltyBanana’s suggestion, Brave Support has learned that your particular error has appeared when there was an issue with KYC.

However, I know we’ve seen it in a variety of issues. Sometimes it’s an issue with servers communicating and it resolved in a few days, in other times it’s because the person’s account was just recently flagged/suspended on Brave’s servers but is not yet informing the User, or a bunch of other little things that often can be a bunch of random guesses.

It’s annoying but I’d say to first check with Uphold once more to make sure things are good. Also make sure to mention that even if it’s done on their end, is it all updated in their system for the API between them and Brave?

If they say everything is fine, then I’d move on to the next step which is to submit a support ticket so Brave can try to start looking into things on their end. I’m sorry to say there’s no quick or easy solution right now. It will be checking many things step by step until it connects.


Oh, and I never did ask, but please make sure your browser is updated as well.

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Friend, as mentioned in the previous topic, it’s not a problem with the uphold documentation, this is solved, but the problem continues on brave.

Hi @lcbgarcia, can you DM @SaltyBanana and I your Wallet payment ID? Can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/. Thank you.

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