My Brave Rewards Profile is Blocked after trying Uphold Verification

Hello, I had a problem that I shared before. When I tried to link my wallet with Uphold, it was giving “KYC Unverified” error. But I had already done the KYC verification.

I have discussed the issue with Uphold support. They told me there was no problem on their part. They advised me to share this issue with Brave Support.

I also shared the problem with Brave Support, but there was no response. I also shared the issue here. But again there was no solution.

I’ve been using Brave for over a year now. My account has been blocked since the end of March. I am getting an error as below. Although the ads continue to appear, my rewards do not increase, it has remained at 0.206, it has been almost a month and 2 weeks.

As a result, both the rewards don’t increase and I can no longer use these rewards. Besides, I wasn’t the one with the problem. It was Brave itself that prevented me from connecting with a verified wallet

Any thoughts?

I posted to your other topic to check your Profile information in Uphold. I am a community member and know nothing about macOS and that is the only thing I can suggest!

Could you please translate the error message into English? Sorry, I am an English speaker only. Normally I would try a translator but can’t copy from an image! I think it is probably saying your Brave account is flagged, but I just want to confirm.

If your account is flagged, it is probably because of the number of attempts you have unsuccessfully made to connect to Uphold. The flag should remove automatically after a while. If your account is flagged, you will be blocked from receiving ads and/or earning rewards.

Hi, of course you can see it below;

"Error: Brave Rewards profile flagged
Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards profile has been flagged and you cannot verify with an escrow wallet at this time. This flagging can sometimes be caused by sporadic Brave Ads activity, but it can also be a false flag.

Note that once your Brave Rewards profile is flagged, you won’t be able to verify.

No action is required on your part. Your Brave Rewards profile will be automatically re-evaluated at regular intervals to determine when (or whether) the flagging can be removed. Please try again once in a while to see if the unmarking has been removed.

Learn more about Brave’s process for flagging Rewards profiles."

I linked a post by Mattches, one of the Brave Community support staff, per this issue.

If it has been a week or more and your account is still flagged, I would submit a request form. The link is in the post above.

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