Uphold-Brave Account Verification Issue

There is an error when trying to verify an Uphold account for Brave rewards. See below:

“According to Uphold, there are currently some limitations on your Uphold account. Please log in to your Uphold account and check whether there are any notices or remaining account requirements to complete, then try again. For example, you may need to submit more information to Uphold.”

In my instance, all information has been entered in Uphold and there are no issues on that end. So it appears to be an issue related to communication between the services. Note that using my Uphold account with Brave rewards has worked fine in the past. Has anyone had this issue and found a solution? Does this issue exist on Brave’s end or Uphold’s? Thanks!

Yesterday Uphold asked me again to verify my identity, check that to be sure.

As @miho171 already mentioned, check if Uphold is wanting you to do KYC/AML again.

Thanks for the help. I contacted Uphold support and they initiated an identity verification. Unsure why it was needed as it had already been done before, but it worked.

Okay great. That could be because they’re needing to do KYC/AML again because of new rules or something. Not sure tho.

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