The website is currently not displaying the content/videos when the browser protections are activated

Hey, as of some days ago I have noticed that this particular website, which mainly houses videos, has stopped displaying the videos whenever the Brave browser protections are activated (the slot where the videos would appear never shows up/stays dark). As soon as they are turned off, the videos start appearing.

The website in question is:



-The issues occur whenever the Brave “shields” are activated.


-most recent one available.

(Please note: while I’m aware that the issue in question doesn’t 100% fit into this particular category, I’m not aware of a more appropriate place on the forums in which to leave this post. Apologies and thanks in advance.)

Will fix it, unforftaantly the cookie message will show, but the video will play

Temp fix: add to brave://adblock (custome rules/then save)


It is now working again fine, just like before. Thank you so much for your swift action!

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