Video no longer playing on 2 specific websites only. Have not had this problem in the past

Hi I have 2 websites I watch video on daily that have never had a problem on brave browser that suddenly stopped playing video. I tried resetting shield settings, uninstalling & reinstalling adobe air, uninstalling & reinstalling brave, clearing browsing history. Nothing has worked. Many other websites still play video no problem, it’s just 2 specific sites.`Also these sites play fine on other browsers, the problem is specific to brave.

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Hi @p16fkr, Welcome to Community!
Can you share the URLs for these sites so that we can troubleshoot what’s going on with them?

The 123movies site is working fine on my end, what are your Shield settings for that site?
For thewatchcartoon site, can you try enabling allow all cookies in the Shield settings for that site, that should get the video to play.

Well, for the cartoon site allow all cookies only worked for a few videos, tried several, did not work for entire site.
For 123movies: have tried disabling shields & resetting them., just tried allow all cookies as well, That site will actually play audio & subtitles but no video.
All of these problems just started happening a few days ago, have never had these problems in the past don’t know why they started.
Also these sites seem to play fine in private window with shields down for some reason but not in regular browser & like I said, I don’t have any problem with any other video sites in regular browser.

Because you say this :point_up_2:, do you have any extensions installed?

I have “just a clock”, a pop up blocker, an adblocker just for youtube, a night mode filter & honey. I’ve had all these filters before this started happening other than the youtube adblocker; which at the time this all started happening your shilelds also stopped working on youtube so I had to add the youtube ad blocker but that was after the problem started & as I stated the problems started long after I had the other extensions installed so there doesn’t seem to be any correlation.

Because you said they work in a private window. That may mean that some of your extensions are cause the videos to not work properly. Most extensions don’t work in private windows (unless you enabled them to).
If you like you can also test this with a new profile and see if the videos play.
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.
The new profile wit default settings and no extensions should play the videos fine, and or play the videos with allow all cookies.

I would like you to try disabling all your extensions and seeing if the video sites work in your main profile. If so, you can then enable them one by one, and seeing which one cases the videos to not work.

Okay, I just tried to disable the pop up blocker & now those 2 sites are playing again. I’ve had that for a long time, any idea why it just now started causing a problem? Also any idea why shields stopped working on youtube at the same time? I will also try disabling youtube ad blocker just to see if that has gone back to normal as I know it’s better to have as few extensions as possible.

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