Ads on certain YouTube Videos

YouTube ads on certain Videos (Only ones with Warnings, DOES NOT HAPPEN ON VIDEOS WITH NO “WARNINGS”) I have shields on agressive mode BTW!

Yes it even persists with Agressive mode!

function normally



Brave verson 156.9

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Still investigating, will update thread to investigate

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Thanks for fast reply

no ads on that video for me. using android.

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Same issue here, been using brave for years, first time the ad blocker stopped working as intended.

The shield is up and set to aggressive with the proper settings.
Ads show up sometimes, it’s hard to pin point what the trigger is. Some Youtube videos will show a pre roll ad, others wont.
The ad is always black screened which mean it is visually hidden but the audio of the ad persists. The ad are also usually skippable. And finally, turning the Shield on and off removes the ad, but needs to be done for every video with an ad. Refreshing the page also gets rid of the ad, but needs to be done each time a video with an ad is loaded.
All in all the Shield seems to be partially working.

Same issue was present using Brave browser and Brave Beta browser

This issue is present with or without using a vpn. I am however able to reproduce this issue with consistency by switching VPN server, the next video watched after switching server will give a Youtube pre roll ad.

The brave component version for the Brave Ad Block Updater is Version: 1.0.378

The issue is present on Brave Version 1.56.11 Chromium: 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I am however no longer able to reproduce the pre roll Youtube ad with consistency by changing VPN server.

Much love to the Brave team


I was using a Personal Computer

Ill test it asap to see of the problem persists! Thanks for your help


Negative, the issue is still present on Brave browser Brave

Version 1.56.11 Chromium: 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It seems like the ad roll is time dependent and not video dependent, which means an ad shows up only after a while regardless of which video is watched

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maybe they are testing something new on youtubes end. does it happen when logged out?

Welp… thats unfortunate, hope the Strong Brave Team will be able to fix this

Try updating

Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.378 in brave://components

I will get to it asap

current version of the Brave Ad Block Updater is Version: 1.0.378, yet I still have this issue

try again, I tried it and the issue is gone :slight_smile:

maybe you truely did NOT update Brave???

please do not close the topic as JoshX is still having trouble

Joshx, Try going to settings, About Brave, and update Brave, Thats how I did it… and tell me if that worked…

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So I have spent quite a bit more time on this with more testing and here is what I found:
(Brave is fully up to date.)

All browsers exhibit this behavior and advertisement does get through Brave Shield as well as Ublock Origin. Tested on Brave, Brave Beta, Firefox and LibreWolf.

The advertisement gets through the adblockers regardless if signed in my Youtube account or not. The frequency of the ads showing up is also lower than let’s say on the Youtube phone app. When an ad does get through Brave Shield it’s without the visuals and only with sound, the ad can also be skipped as it normally would.

Finally after further testing, it would seem like the only thing that affects this behavior is the VPN I am currently using. I was under the impression that this wasnt at fault but upon further testing. When the VPN is turned off, no advertisement get through Brave Shield. It is only when connected to the VPN service that the ads get through.

As a result of that, I have contacted my VPN provider for further explanations. The company name is called Speedify. I have also ran numerous scans on my pc including Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, TotalAV and even the full Tron script…
The good news for me is that they all came out negative… but that leaves me a bit clueless.

What is the issue with the VPN then? Can a VPN inject ads directly into the browser bypassing everything? Or is Google/Youtube flagging the VPN address and giving it a different treatment?

If anyone has any idea to point me in the right direction as to what the cause of this issue is, I would appreciate it greatly. In the meantime, I guess this is not a Brave issue at this point.

Thanks again

perhaps some type of vpn caching? i.e. the vpn has the ad cached and serves it directly partially bypassing the shield?

That “VPN” may be an AD honeypot managed by an ad company like Goo*le! They are purposly allowing ads (bypassing Shields and collecting User DATA!) I reccommend you get mulvad or a more non sketchy VPN! Ive seen many Honeypot VPNS so I do know what they are! Just my take though.

same happened with me in youtube just now so i came here ,

and :firecracker::firecracker:!!!also space bar is glitchy only in YouTube !!! :firecracker::firecracker::firecracker::firecracker:. if i press it should play or pause but for some reason it is activated twice , so the action cancels out , i checked on other sites it works fine and it is not a hardware issue , only happens in youtube , from 2 days , majorly from last update , it does work fine like 30 % of time , it also stops playing video if the spacebar is pressed while video on YT was paused

the video playing here was uploaded just now , today (23 july 2023 )

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but i was not using any vpn
tho i only experienced it once .

But my space bar is not fixed , and it is really annoying , wht can i do to fix it

Does it show in private window mode?