The space at the top of the tabs after the new update on Brave Nightly is mad annoying

There’s a space at the top of the tabs now, which means that I can’t click at the top of the window to change tabs anymore. This is really annoying and this is a deal breaker for me. Go back to how it was before, this is a bad change. I noticed this on an update that happened today, 10/10/2023. Absolutely terrible change.


I’m on the Beta release and it’s the same thing, completely unnecessary and annoying.


I agree with the complain, this is quite annoying. It would be nice to have an option to disable it (same behavior as before).

This change force us to directly click on the tab, before we just had to focus the top area of the tab and click in a nobrain way, now we need to “focus” to actually click on the tab, that’s an UX regression.

You could aslo keep the same design but allow the top of the tab to be clickable.


It’s concerning that the person that made this change didn’t notice how terrible it was for UAX until after it had already been pushed to the beta. It makes the browser unusable, at least for me.

it looks fine and works fine, learn where to click = problem solved.
I have used the new Horizontal Design since it was added in Nightly and didn’t have a problem with it, in fact, I am fine with Brave changing and making Brave look nicer.

Nightly = work in progress, so they will obviously improve it like they did with Vertical tabs and playlist and all the other features, I won’t report this because it works fine for me, and the tabs are big enough for even a 90 years old grandma to click on it.
What is the point of the tab strip if you all just want to click on the top to switch tabs, in that case, why don’t we just make tabs 1px height? yeah, makes sense. Now it is even easier to move windows around, but I guess you don’t care about it.
Vertical tabs have the same behavior, so they are consistent with it, tabs won’t click when you hit the edge of the window either, and I am fine with that as well.

Anyway you can disable it if you don’t like it like 90% of Brave features, go to brave://flags/#brave-horizontal-tabs-update and stop complaining.

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I am glad we can disable it. However, I actually like the new design EXCEPT for the fact that it has the space on top breaking basic UX design guidelines, such as the Fitt’s law:’s_law

It is interesting to see the difference in design between Release and Nightly. Of the two, I think Release (left side) is better .

But in terms of saying space is unclickable, I’m not experiencing that issue as @Jayfeather77 and @Dan33185 mentioned. Are you two still experiencing the issue? Which OS are you using?

Exactly! This is what drove me from Chrome to Brave few days ago. Horrible new design that takes up more space. Heck, even the browser menu doesn’t fit to my 15,6" laptop screen anymore. I hope Brave won’t embrace the new design and instead will keep the current one. Or at least give us ability to keep the same spacing in the UI or current design.

Chrome now looks like it was made for touchscreen devices.

Thanks for the useless post, this does nothing to further the conversation here.

Yes, I am still experiencing this issue. I am on Windows 10.

@Dan33185 what happens if you go to click or whatever? Can you do a small video?

From what I was able to test on my Windows 11, I’m able to click and drag the tabs like I’ve always been able. I’m wondering if perhaps I’m thinking something different than you’re meaning? Otherwise will be curious what the difference is between us. (Beyond Windows 10 vs Windows 11)

That’s not the issue. There’s a small gap between the top of the tab and the top of the browser where there is nothing but space, and it doesn’t serve any function. Disabling the flag as mentioned above resolves this, thankfully.

Ah, I was going by OP where it seemed to be the issue from my understanding:

Change tabs, as in switching from one tab to another, not dragging them and re-ordering them.

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Ah, got ya. Even in testing I thought I didn’t have that issue, but tested again and see what you mean. Just a very small margin that does nothing if you click on the very top of the screen. Whereas on Release clicking very top will select the tab.

Thanks, sometimes I don’t fully understand what people are saying. It gets to be a pain to make sure on the same page.

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Absolutely love the new Tab design, reminds me of that other browser, but unlike that other browser where I always choose “compact” mode to make the tab bar…well…compact…there is no such feature here that I can find. So while I love the new design I just wish I could make it a bit more compact since it is eating up a lot of vertical space.

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