BATs not restored after wallet recovery

Dear team,

I’ve reinstalled brave and recovered wallet by recovery key, it worked but not all BATs were recovered (I see only 3 from +300 BATs I had before)

account was linked to uphold, but BATs were not transfering to uphold due to 3 link wallet limitations so they remain in local wallet

dear team,

is there anything what can be checked from my side in terms of this issue?

@steeven - could you please support?

@Mattches - maybe you can help as @steeven is busy?

@creator22 - how manny wallets do you currently have linked? Are the other devices still active?

@steeven - I had 4 instances installed on mentioned computer (nightly, dev, beta and live) all linked to uphold + one another installation on android, linked as well to uphold
Rewards worked fine with uphold from nightly, dev, beta and android
on live brave installation, rewards stayed always in local wallet
i have restored mentioned live installation (i dont need nightly, dev and beta anymore) and there more than 300 BATs are missing

Do you have a verified uphold wallet?

@steeven yes, verified

What’s the email linked to your account?

@steeven creator22 (at) gmail com

@steeven any news please?

@creator22 can you send me the wallet id for the old and your new wallets? Thanks in advance.

@steeven DM sent, thank you in advance

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