Brave ads scam - bait and switch

reading thru the posts in the forum has led me to believe that Brave is intentionally turning off ads to accounts, and only providing ads to new user accounts as a means to lure them into using the browser.
The lack of transparency or acknowledgment of the many posts here of users who have not received ads in months (including myself) is a glaring indication that this is an intentional policy or a problem that they are happy to allow to continue.

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That´s probably just your paranoia :wink: Although, I have never seen any ads at all on my notebooks, still receiving cash but minimal I guess? 161 ads = 0,898 BAT
I would also agree to your statement if it wouldn´t be self explanatory: We are close to 70-80million users?

Nah, I’ve been a user for a few years and still get BAT monthly. They’ve had their fair share of issues but have always worked hard and corrected things where they can. When it comes to ads appearing, many have been user issues from what I have seen, though that is only my experience and doesn’t speak to its accuracy. On top of that though, if you ever checked the FAQ and read in detail, they explain that ads aren’t promised and there may be periods of time where we don’t see any. It all will depend on how many ad campaigns they have and what population they are targeting. Usually it’s region specific and may also only want their ads to be shared on a particular type of advice. In addition, we can only see each ad a certain amount of times before we hit a limit and it stops showing us that particular ad.

Yet things like making sure your IP address and location match if you’re using VPN, turning off Focus Assist if you’re on Windows, recognizing things like watching videos in Full Screen will pause ads as they don’t want to disrupt your viewing experience, etc all play a major part in why you might not see ads as well. If you’re on a device like Android and you turn off notifications, you won’t see them. There’s honestly a lot that can go wrong due to user error. Trust me when I say Brave wants you to have ads, as it’s how they make their money too.

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Ahh ok, I get ya… That I know for sure but I believe the growth has crippled some parts of Brave. So, tell me whart an ad is supposed to bring ing? Have you checked what it says in statistics? …would be interesting to understand what generates income, as I informed you, I never saw any ads but apparently I received almost 200? :wink: Yeah, that is why I´m confused.

I can´t really comment on the latter part of your replky as I´ve never seen any ads…

I’m not sure what device that you are using. Like on windows it appears and the notifications on the bottom right but usually it comes and goes to where it won’t pop up on your screen and annoy you Unless you set your notifications to do it. As far as Android, I get notifications on the top all the time. What is important to realize that when I say that I get the notifications up there it does not pop up big on the screen or do anything to draw a lot of attention. It just goes up where you would have a text notification and stuff just a little icon. Now if you pull that down typically you’ll see a couple little bars that will talk on ads and you can just clear those out or if you leave it alone eventually go away anyways.

But fortunately Brave does not make us click on anything and they don’t do big and annoying, such as ads that interfere with your browsing experience.

Ads usually only pay like 0.001 BAT. They’re honestly it’s not ASAP number is it varies depending on the ad and how much did advertiser paid Brave. Internet ads in general usually pay less than a penny for each person that views. And that does carryover to Brave as well where it’s significantly low numbers. But because they can show up to 10 per hour, it can I add up over a month.

Have only used Mac and android, as mentioned before I newer saw a glimpse of an ad from brave… on my phone I get them all the time… i even opted in on notices… So weird considering it´s called Basic Attention token?

Which country are you from? Could the huge difference in pay be region? i get what the other message said… 0.90ish bat divided by 161… should be at least 6 times more? …to baked and tired to calculate :smiley:

…also… if you don´t work for bat you probably need help… :smiley: check your subject and compair it the content of your reply :wink:

your messages are kind of google translate? you are reiterating a lot of the stuff i said and you are contradictory as well and have difficulties with text analysis… = extract what I have said and what I want to say… not trying to be rude, just helpful :wink:

Yeah, I’ll go back and read again here soon. I kept popping in and doing voice to text. I’m learning that it’s a mistake to trust voice to text on the phone. I have no idea where some of it comes from. Like earlier I was texting my mom, “I’m eating some ice cream” but the voice to text ended up putting “I’m beating sunscreen.” Make sense of that one. lol

@dhegrolle Actually, decided to boot up my PC to try to read everything and respond. Let’s see…what are you talking about? Did you happen to confuse me with the person who started this thread? If you’re looking at my very first response, it wasn’t to you but was to the person who started the thread. Which would be why that made no sense to you.

Subject here was person saying they thought Brave was turning off ads and only providing to new users. My response then was I’ve been using Brave for years and I still see ads, thus I can say that’s not the case. I then provided feedback of why they might be having issues.

You replied you don’t see ads but received BAT from it, albeit small amounts. So I responded to let you know what the ads look like and where they post. I essentially was saying they must show somewhere even if you don’t see it. Not like that matters, but just was making a point.

Then when you mentioned not knowing what the ads pay, I told you Brave ads are like 0.001 BAT. Which now I’ll tell you that you can actually view active campaigns in your region and what they pay at

Take what you said earlier, 0.898 BAT and 161 ads, that is 0.005 BAT, which falls in the range you see listed on the current campaigns. Also FYI, BAT: 0.005 is approximately USD $0.0041.

I’ll let you know, I’m not baked. Also I have graduated from college, was born in raised in the United States, etc. I’ve also always scored highly on reading comprehension and critical thinking. I hopped on the computer because I thought maybe my voice to text messed things up, but it looks like it was pretty clear. So I’ll leave it right now that perhaps you’re being a bit “baked” and tired is leading to your confusion. If not, maybe you can DM me instead and we can figure out what you think is so confusing or wrong. :upside_down_face:

Dude, your replies are to long… :wink: not in the best state to answer properly…
My pay outs have increased since the optin of nottifications… I saw the first ad ever yesterday …

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