The infuriating "close other tabs" flaw

Seriously. It’s directly next to the regular “close” option. If you hit it, there is no confirmation prompt in case it was accidentally hit. Ctrl+shift+t only brings back like 25 tabs in a seemingly random order. You’re forced to tediously go back in your history for months trying to find out what was lost, and I never find it all and I don’t know what’s missing. I’d say 1/3 of what I had is missing.
This is a serious problem. Very serious. I might have to switch browsers. Convince me it’s worth the risk continuing to use Brave when one accidental press of a button directly next to a commonly used button causes this much grief. I have seen other complaints about this blatantly obvious problem that date back pretty far, and it’s not been resolved. This is an obvious one. And the resolution is simple. Move the button and making a confirmation prompt. You can even have a tick box to never bring the confirmation prompt up ever again for those who regularly use this feature and don’t want the prompt. Done.

Hello @BirdFoot, thank you for bringing it up. Whenever you close your browser accidentally as soon as you open again, it will ask you to restore tabs closed, 25 tabs is the maximum capacity on toolbar and usually they are open in the same way were before after pressing Crtl + Shift + T

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If you close multiple tabs, you should be able to reopen them all by going to Menu —> History and opening the option that displays the tabs closed. Below I had two closed sessions with 3 tabs that I have the option to re-open:

These solutions do not work if you closed more than 25 tabs. I said that in my original post.

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