Restore Closed Tab with Undo

I adopted Brave almost a year ago and the transition was incredibly smooth. There is only one missing feature that is frustrating me enough to consider giving up. I figured it was an oversight and thought it would be fixed by the next update back then. But it’s been almost a year and I’m breaking.

So here it is: I accidentally close a tab I didn’t want to close… quite often. Whether it’s a knee-jerk reaction, or thinking the wrong window was active, it’s happens often. And with every other browser I’ve used on the Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) I just hit the key command for “Undo” [command-z] and voila! Tab returned. With Brave, nothing. I have to go into the history and sift through looking for that link. It’s often lost in a maze because I don’t remember the name, or I opened it hours or even days ago. Until I give up. I get so mad, I go back to Safari for a few days. Then I crawl back trying to get over it.

It may seem like a small nit to some, but it’s really quite a game changer for me. And this forum is my final hope. Please let me undo a tab closure.

Right click the bar where your tabs are placed (not on a tab) and choose “Reopen closed tab”.
Or simply Ctrl+Shift+T.

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You are a true hero. I’m certainly capable of learning a new key command with a little practice. Thanks!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I mostly use the 2 clicks (I still don’t know the key command).