User voting in Feature Requests now available (please read)

Hello, Community!

You may have noticed that we’ve changed some things about the Feature Requests section here on Community. These changes come in the form of a new feature here on Community – user voting – and I’d like to take a moment to explain the system and why it’s there.

Why are you adding this feature to Community?

We would like an easy way to gauge interest in what new features you all would like to see added in the browser. A simple “upvote-if-you-like-it” implementation is an easy thing for everyone to get behind and results in a nice, whole number of users who think the Feature in question is worth adding to the browser.

With enough participation it will help Support team give accurate and verifiable information to our Developers and product leads. We hope everyone takes advantage of it!

Sweet! So the most upvoted requests will get pushed into the browser?


As sad as it may seem, I want to be clear that this is absolutely not the case. Please understand that just because a feature has a many (or the “most”) upvotes does not mean it will be implemented.

The unfortunate reality is that we have project deadlines, obligations, benchmarks/metric goals, pre-defined roadmaps and a slew of other tasks that have to be prioritized. This is simple a way for us to see how interested our Community is in a feature and we appreciate everyone’s understanding of this.

Anything else we should know?

  • You can only “upvote” an issue – there isn’t even a “downvote” option.
  • Since you will be able to vote on any request made up until this point, we highly encourage you to first search for the feature request and upvoting an existing one before opening a new topic. This is to prevent a ton of duplicate issues.
  • You can see a list of the topics you’ve voted for by clicking on your profile image, then going to Activity --> Votes

  • Voting system is still undergoing a some design tweaks, so if something appears wonky, please give it some time before reporting it to us.

Happy voting!