'Close Other Tabs' option

Description: Cannot find the ‘Close Other Tabs’ option

  1. Hover your Cursor over a tab that has been generated more than once.
  2. Select any tab and ‘right’ click
  3. No option for ‘Close Other Tabs’

Expecting an option for it to close those other tabs you no longer needed. This used to be an option before today with this new version of Brave Browser.

Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)



It was really usefull option ! :tired_face:

+1 bad decision. I used this option a lot! :sob: very irritating when you click the tab to close others and… you dont have this option!

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For me it’s a must-have option and the only reason besides ‘duplicate’ for which i use the context menu. I don’t want to do silly drag and dropping each time I need to clear my train of browser thought.

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And “open the last closed tab” ? where is the option ? :disappointed_relieved:

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Very bad decision to remove this. Will probably use something else now. Shame.

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It drives me nuts

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It is annoying. You can use the shortcut key to reopen your last tab (Shift+Control + T) but I ususally use the context menu by habit.



Please return “Undo close tab” and “Close other tabs” options. I am disliking this update very much.

It looks like these options will return in a later update :slight_smile: Hope to restore the "Close Other tabs" and "Reopen closed tab" options

Yeah, that was the most stupid thing ever. It was done by Chromium by the way, even Chrome has the problem. I guess it’s time for someone to fork Chromium and make a good version, like the one debian distributes.

The menu change was introduced in Chromium 78. Chromium 77 still has “Close other tabs”

Jesus Christ i was about to create a topic about this. It’s a good thing i like to read before i complain. Nevertheless, wtf with stupid tab hover thumbnails providing an incomplete URL, which is useless and just cluttering UI (covering entire bookmarks bar). are you stupid or is it Chrome?

There are no extension to fix this shit i searched. If you know one (or made one) post here pls :smiley:

This should be a priority, wtf they were thinking (damn really!)

I use “Close Other Tabs” regularly. A workaround is to drag the tab you want to save all the way to the left then use “Close Tabs To The Right”. Not the best, but it’ll do until the original menu functionality is restored.

+1, Close other tabs is super useful when I need all but one tab closed when i get very cluttered.

bumpzor ye fucks. plus get rid of stupid url pop-up. ty very much

Removing this was a genuinely horrible decision and has killed several users’ workflows in the browser. While I have no data to support this, it’s probably fair to say that the majority of users aren’t savages that enjoy keeping dozens of tabs open. Since the newest tab always opens on the right hand side of the tab-stack, why would close tabs to the right be more beneficial than close other tabs?

Stupid change, going back to base chromium because of this.

I think you’ll be disappointed. Brave didn’t originate the change… Chromium did. It’s in Chromium, Chrome and Bravo and probably other Chromium-based browsers.

For anyone reporting this:

  1. @fstjohn is correct – we did not decide to remove these options. The change was inherited upstream in a Chromium update.
  2. Further, we have decided to return the context menu options to what they were originally:

Thank you for mentioning this! And how about Android? I understand that I am here in the desktop/Windows section but maybe sb here still can share if Cromium killed Undo Closed Tab across all platforms. TNX!

Just got an update for Chrome, Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit). The right-click tab menu has been restored. Now includes “Close other tabs”.