Five years and no progress: warn before closing multiple tabs

Can’t believe it’s been since 2016 and this simple, basic feature that’s implemented in many other competing browsers STILL hasn’t been added, nor even addressed with a yes or no.

Sometimes users misclick and accidentally hit the X button, closing a window containing multiple tabs. It seems incredibly simple to add the OPTION to popup a confirmation window saying “Are you sure you want to close X number of tabs”

Not much more to add…this is a simple, unobtrusive feature that can’t possibly be that challenging to add. So I’ll keep posting this and it’ll get closed every 60 days and I’ll repost it again until the capable folks at Brave, who are surely much more capable than this inaction suggests, do something about it.


are you a time traveler?

Just select from Brave preferences that you prefer to open the browser with the last used tabs open.

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@Wonderwhy has the right idea.
Additionally, if you go to Menu --> History, groups of tabs should appear here and, when clicked on, will re-open those tabs.

I agree with warnb4 - why require a workaround when a simple tweak will save a lot of aggravation. It’s a big disadvantage I notice when comparing Brave with other browsers and every time I inadvertantly close all tabs I say to myself, maybe I should’ve used Firefox.