Remove tab close botton

Good afternoon,

I’m a new Brave user coming from Firefox and one of things I customized with Firefox was disabling the close button on tabs so that I don’t close tabs by mistake. Does Brave have an advanced setting which will allow me to disable the close (X) button?

This makes it much easier when using a mouse to select a tab because I don’t have to worry about being precise about my clicks inside the tab.


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Thank you for bringing this to my attention – I honestly looked around for quite a long time trying to find a solution to this in Brave/Chromium/Chrome. It appears that there used to be a flag that did this but it’s since been removed. I couldn’t even find an extension that offers this to my great surprise.

I’ll propose this to the team though – maybe there’s a particular reason it’s not done. In the interim, if you do end up accidentally closing tabs, you can use ctrl + shift + t (cmd + shift + t on macOS) to reopen recently closed tabs (you can do this multiple times, like a “Undo” button for tabs). Additionally, recently closed tabs should appear in Menu --> History --> Recently Closed:image

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Thank you Mattches,

Glad to be apart of the community, Brave looks like it has a bright future. I look forward to a possible solution to remove the disable button but in the meantime I’ll use your workaround (cmd + shift + t).

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Has there been any updates on this yet?
Would really love to be able to do this, since I prefer only closing tabs using the middle mouse button as well, closed a tab on accident way to often with the close button xP