The Increasing Uselessness of Spell Check…

It seems that more and more, the spell-check feature is losing its mind. Very often, for misspellings, where it is obvious to any human what word was intended, nothing at all like the intended word is found among the suggestions.

One demon, in particular, for me, is “without”, which I often seem to mistype as “withotu”, transposing the last two letters.

Who can look at “withotu” and not clearly see that I meant “without”?

The suggestions that Brave offers me are “watthour”, “washout”, and “withstood”.

“Watthour” is not even a valid word. The correct term is “watt-hour”—two words separated by a hyphen. Any decent spell-checker would flag “watthour” as a misspelling, and offer “watt-hour” as a possible correction.

No decent spell-checker would offer “watthour” as a suggested correction for anything, much less a word that is obviously supposed to be “without”.

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This is the case for simple spell checkers generally. Strict dictionary look up, suggestions from whatever is closest in the dictionary, capability of adding entries. Period.

It can’t read minds, speak English (or whatever) or serve as a substitute for knowing how to spell.

Not a defect in Brave or Chromium that they don’t implement sophisticated AI for this feature. A web browser is not a substitute for thinking.

It certainly used to work a lot better than it now does.

It used to be much better at suggesting words that were likely to be what I intended. It’s only in about the last year or so that its ability to correctly suggest words for my common mistypings has progressively deteriorated.

And having a blatant misspelling (“watthour”, should be “watt-hour”) in its built-in dictionary is certainly an error, and not merely a reasonable limitation.

You can delete it from the dictionary.

How do I do that? It’s not in my custom dictionary, which I know how to edit.

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