Silly spellcheck

All aids and spelling-interruptions in Windows are turned off. Also on my Google account. Also on Brave browser, I swear I turned everything off and double-off. But Brave is the o n l y browser, only app or program in fact, that still gives me the Squiggle Red Line.

Please leave me the option to be a faulty human and don’t give me those red lines. They are stupidly inconsistent. And the suggestions are way stupider than the words I (likely purposefully) miss-typed.

I don’t care if you have a team of 8yearolds in charge of the spelling compartment,it’s cute, everyone deserves a chance… so do I deserve a chance to turn it r e a l l y off. Everything else about this Browser seems awsm so far. But if I can’t make up my own words without having those 8yearolds police-ing me, I will run away =D

And now it capitalised the first letter on topic title, although I knowingly typed it lowercase. So You claim to know better than me, what I actually want to write? Well isn’t that a Brave claim =D

Hi @dieterrams,
Can you go to brave://settings/languages, and let me know if you have spell check disabled?

Yes, very much turned off (=

Where exactly do you see the spell check when browsing? For instance, if you’re using this website editor, does the spell check attempt to mark up your mistakes?

The spelcheck underlines my text when I compose an email in Gmail. Squggle underlines are in red and also in blue.

The spell check you’re seeing is from gmail.
Within gmail go to Settings > General, and then under general disabled Spelling.

Ok thanks, I will look into it (=

Similar problem with MacOS, current version.
I do NOT want info on disabling spellcheck, a useful feature if you don’t let it rule your life.
What I want to do to suppress those goddam squiggles, which flash your supposed error and interrupt concentration.
I can do this in other contexts, but there seems to be no way in Brave.
PS I am willing to hit a button to call for an immediate spellcheck. I also can proofread, believe it or not, even my own stuff.