The Dev tools opens randomly

Randomly Dev tools opens and close in his own… can you help me please?

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Description of the issue:
Sometimes, when i open a new window and start to type; either within the page or in the URL bar, Brave randomly launches/opens the dev tools screen.

this is the screeshot of the my browser, as you see it opens on his own.

Expected result:
Dev Tools screen shouldn’t randomly open.

The only other time I’m aware of this happening to someone, it seems they were hitting one of the keystroke combinations for DevTools.

F12, or Ctrl+Shift+I, for example.

Is it always opening to the ‘Elements’ tab? Next time it happens, click onto a different tab such as ‘Network’ and then close the panel. See if it goes back to that tab again, or, if it goes back to ‘Elements’ again.


No, unfortunately it doesn’t work.
as you said, it is always opening the element tab, but even I changed the tab it always opens the dev tool, this time with the new tab I clicked previously. This problem I found on other browser, so I think the problem could be the hardware and not the software, Maybe the keyboard, but I don’t know.
thank you for your help.

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my pc is a teclast f15

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