DevTools in brave are bugged

When you open dev tools and go in element tab, hovering over elements did highlight them in the page, this is not the case anymore. What’s going on?

Also CSS parameters on the rights side are having weird “type” px/p/em/rem recommendations that don’t let you click into the field which is more annoying then helpful.

Checks made:

  • Chrome dev tools work as they used to.
  • My brave is updated to the latest version.

Is this a chrome in general thing? Seems like a really silly change. Or just poorly executed…

Chrome works normal, Brave is unworkable if you try to change anything on the fly.

bumping this. chrome fixed this with the move from 95 to 96 but brave (running chromium 96) still having this bug. It is impossible to do dev/css work and copy/paste from devtools in the current iteration.


I am still seeing this issue on the latest version of Brave as of 1/13/22

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