The danger about use kyc on brave

I want to know your opinion:
Do we really know the risk that KYC systems represent?
We are giving our private data to companies that have a risk of being hacked, if they are hacked, data such as our home address, identity document, etc. can be violated.
I would like to make a request for the Brave team to include anonymous and self-custodial wallets.

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Yes, we do.

Agreed. You may want to check Why is KYC/AML required? as it answers why it has/had been required.

Brave has always been trending in that direction. I’m guessing you’re posting here without keeping track of recent announcements. For example, the two posts below from Brave’s blog:

As well as announcements that on chain payments for Rewards is going to be released this year. (meaning no custodial partner necessary…which means no KYC/AML to use Rewards) We just don’t know for sure when it is going to be available to everyone. It’s in testing and development now, with them to slowly add people to it through invitation only until things are more closely perfected.

I’m glad to hear that for people like me that are from the beginning of this proyect was so disappointing to for example link with Gemini and now it’s close on Europe

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