The customer is not right!

What is the purpose of creating a platform to write questions and inquiries if none of the people in charge of the browser responds and clarifies the problem !! Most of the subscribers ask the same question regarding ads because they stopped and do not come, but most of the responses to the question have nothing to do with the solution or the problem !! We tell you it was coming, but it stopped suddenly and you say go to the settings and do the on or of, or go to System and do such-and-such and you know that this response is not correct regarding this question because it was coming and stopped.Adjusting the device has nothing to do with stopping it, in short, if the excuse is from you, then say that without shame or hesitation,it is normal because problems occur and this is not a defect, but you blame the subscriber in something that he has no ability to control after setting the settings correctly .


We have provided plenty of self-serve resources for users to initially troubleshoot their own issues:

There are also several different outlets you can find support, guides and ask questions other than Community that have additional information:

When there are issues with the service, we communicate as much as we can about what the issue is, why it’s there, whether or not there is a fix coming or still being worked on, etc.:

While we’re aware that issues can take time to get resolved and users may be frustrated in the interim, the idea that we do not respond or inform users about what’s going on is inaccurate. Please make sure you actually search the website for answers before assuming it won’t be/hasn’t been addressed.

Additionally, we have a Solved section at the very top of the page for threads that have been resolved – be sure to check for your issue there first:

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