Issue syncing wallets using Uphold is now fixed

Dear Brave Community,

We have an update regarding the Wallet syncing post - BAT Disappearing from balance after Upgrade.

Issue: Users that created an Uphold wallet after v1.3 were unable to claim their Ads Rewards and BAT grants to their Uphold wallets.

We have fixed this issue and all of the unclaimed Rewards and Grants now will automatically be deposited to your Uphold wallets immediately after you upgrade to v1.5 (available later today). With this fix, users that want to connect their Uphold wallets to up to three browsers will see a consistent balance and earn using Brave.

Please note that we will be disabling the wallet backup functionality on the Brave browser for users that have never deposited their funds into the Brave wallets. For users that want to claim and keep their BAT, please connect to an Uphold wallet. Alternatively, please contribute to your favourite creator.

Thank you.

The Brave Rewards team


I’m going to upgrade and hope that my balance will stop going down. I’ve went from $30USD to $14USD total.

Hello, why is there a limit to the number of browsers connected to Uphold? Is there a place to see how many and what browser are connected (and how to remove extra)? I have had various installs of Brave with Uphold connected. Is this why my rewards are going to my wallet, but never get pushed out to Uphold?

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