The Brave Advert on my Home screen

On my home page there is a line under the search bar that says ‘Brave VPN for Desktop + Mobile’ and to get rid of this advert it says I need to subscribe to a premium account at $3 pm.

Is this correct or can I remove this irritating nonsence?

Could you share a screenshot?
You most likely have Brave rewards enabled and also have sponsored images enabled at Settings → new tab page settings.
I will be able to help you best if you can provide a screenshot.

Thank you for your help, here is an image

Dave Sumner

That seems to be a brave search ad. I am not sure how that can be turned off. I guess it can’t be.
@Saoiray would you know anything ?

Well it can by paying money to Brave which I find disgraceful and is making think that I’m going to move to another browser. I don’t like being held to ransom.


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