Brave Ads not showing anymore

Ads have just completely stopped but that doesn’t stop my contributions each month, can someone advise, has brave stopped working?

What OS/Brave version are you using?
Please copy/paste the top 3 lines of your brave://version page

Release Notes V1.17.73

  • Added support for CNAME adblocking. (#11712)
  • Added support for including New Tab Page Sponsored Image views in “Estimated pending rewards” and “Ad notifications received this month” for Brave Ads. (#10488)
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For me ads have stopped on desktop, they continue to work on mobile. I believe that if the wrong thing is typed or if you go to the wrong website for whatever reason, you get put on a blacklist and that’s equivalent to getting suspended from earning more in the program. That’s full on censorship, if that’s the case.

Otherwise, is your browser version up to date?

hi yes, version has been updated and now receive miniscule rewards for seeing the picture on home screen , cannot think why i would be blacklisted. very annoying!

Check your internet ip location online. If you are using a vpn, it’s even more important to check. If your ip is outside your country, or possibly in a bad area of your country, that might affect ads.

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thank you, checks out, did use a vpn once then stopped :confused:

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