New Brave User (love it!): question about ad rewards

so I downloaded the Brave Browser on my Windows 10 gaming machine at home a few days ago and ads were being rewarded regularly

then it just stopped. I read some posts saying that I could have hit my 24 hour limit and other possible solutions (all to no avail). As of this morning was still not accruing any ad rewards

well I am at work now and downloaded and sync’d Brave on my work computer and lo and behold ad revenue is working again

could I have done something on my home browser to get ad rewards to not work (I have downloaded metamask, Bitwarden and a VPN (disabled). Any thoughts?

thanks and keep up the wonderful work

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Hey @Hoyapooch ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Happy to hear you are enjoying premium privacy using Brave :sunglasses:
If you have a gaming mouse/controller connected to your PC at home, it may be interfering with our Ad system. Do clarify, are you currently seeing Ads on your PC at home?


not anymore — was for about a day but no longer – so I’m not sure why it would be the mouse but I’ll check

and my office browser (sync’d) is seeing ads

and thank you for the prompt reply

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