Received Ad from brave after clicking it I got into weird website.

Clicking an advertisement from brave and I got into this website! Holy moly.
am I at risk for joining this website? if yes what can I do? what are the steps?!
can anyone help, please?
should I restart my router, use VPN, IDK, just any advice and tips!!!

Could you be more clear on your assumptions?
First of all, why do you think this is a suspicious website?
Second, are you sure it is an ad from Brave? I never saw it before.

Anyway, if you got an ad that does not seem legit, why did you click on it? You do not need to click ads to get rewards.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was from Brave, I only click on Brave ads, other Ads are blocked by Brave, VPN, and Ads Blocker.
Sadly, it happened 2 times!

Question is, where was the ad? Brave only shows you ads in your notifications. So if it was on the website or within your web browser, it’s not from Brave.

If you’re on desktop, which I’m assuming you are, then you can go to brave://rewards/ and click on 30-day Ads History where you’ll find the ad. It will look something like you see below:

If you hit the hamburger menu (three dots next to the thumbs down) you’ll see an option to mark as inappropriate. If the ad you clicked on did indeed lead you to what you’re saying, then I’d do that and then create a topic here under #privacy to let them know there’s a potential issue. (letting them know which ad you clicked on and the notice you got, maybe even link to the site. Again, ONLY if it truly did come from Brave).

As to what you’ve seen, all depends. Based on what you’ve shown, you likely didn’t proceed enough for there to be any problems. But assuming you did provide your personal information or are worried you might have downloaded something, then I would change your passwords for whichever account(s) you think could have been compromised and I would run scans with things like Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything.


Remember, Brave blocks as many ads, cookies, and trackers that it can but it’s not flawless. In addition, things like malware, adware, and viruses can always find their way to your computer through methods other than your web browser. Yet once there, can show you ads, serve as keyloggers, or all sorts of harm. In that sense, we must always be very mindful of the things we interact with and should be running scans of our devices on a fairly regular basis to try to help detect and prevent them from being on our device.

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