The "attention percentage"...lost or found?

So I am freshly new at this, I haven’t been on longer than a week and it wouldn’t surprise me if what I noticed is an oversight on my end but figured I’d at least bring it up.
I have Brave Network on two devices,
My current phone-Oukitel WP5 using Android 10
An old phone- LG Risio 3 using Android 8

I could have easily made a rookie mistake somewhere, but the app itself has the same updates on each phone.

So if I didn’t some step along the way I’m wondering then if there is some kind of probability issue either the hardware or software of each phone but then I would still wonder as to why the cheaper and outdated phone would be showing the attention percentage rate as opposed to my new one.

So if anyone out there happens to have an insight on this I would appreciate it if you drop a little knowledge on me. Otherwise then I guess we’ll be some kind of bug maybe?

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You can check your Menu > Brave Rewards settings or click that Settings button from the panel. And see if you have Auto-contribute enabled/disabled.

That “attention” is shown only if you have A/C enabled.


Hey thanks. Yeah I kinda figured it may have been some error on my part.

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