Dual Monitor Attention Percentage

Hello Brave Community, I am currently a new user here as I switched entirely to Brave yesterday on both my PC and my smartphone. I noticed that my attention percentage has been decreasing dramatically, even though I am paying attention as I am watching lectures on one monitor and taking notes on another. Does this have to do with me using two monitors?


sorry dude, I don’t understand what you are talking about, can you please elaborate more on this?

Sure man, I could be very wrong so if so I apologize (huge noob here). I watch Zoom lectures for college since everything is still remote for the most part, and I watch these lectures on one monitor using Brave while I take notes on Word on the other monitor I have. I noticed my Attention % on Zoom started high, but as I continued throughout the day I noticed the attention % for zoom significantly decrease. I am not sure if these are even related to be honest, but figured I would ask!

mmm let me guess, you have brave rewards and the auto-contribution feature enabled, the browser calculates the amount to contribute based on the time you spent on the sites you visit so, perhaps this is the “attention %” that you are talking about?

can you please share some screenshot of where are you seeing those % to be sure?

Yes that is exactly it. I have spent a majority of my time on Zoom since I installed Brave; however, it says that the attention is 4%. I was wondering if Brave considers me off browser since I just let Zoom play on one monitor, while I am actively taking notes on the other.

Here is a screenshot

that could be the case but I honestly don’t know

I think so too, but thank you anyways man I appreciate you trying to help!

but is this really an issue :thinking: ? besides, are you aware that whit the auto-contribute enabled your bat will be given away (unless you changed the contributed amount to the minimum)

Yes I am aware, I was using it as a benchmark to try and determine how much attention percentage I generate on a typical day of using Brave for lectures in tandem with taking notes.

Hi @demps, that’s an interesting way to deduce your attention investment :slight_smile:

I think it is likely because you’re more active taking notes, interacting with one screen more than the other. I’d never considered how Brave/ BAT might factor in the use of dual monitors till now…

I read an interesting article from 2019 about zkSense research, but this was for mobiles…

It’s likely there’s something similar for desktops, to prevent bot farming BAT.

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Hey @saereV thank you for the response and the article! Now that you mention it, I can see how this can be related to something similar for desktops in order to prevent bot farming. Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

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