Brave Rewards are Missing From Total

I love the Brave Browser on a computer and on a mobile Android app. Now, however my total rewards are incorrect on my Android device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U). You can see my monthly amounts I have been viewing but it doesn’t add to the total. The tip portion is correct. Please help me get my total correct!


Here is a picture of the problem.

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Hi @D.Lindow - this is a known issue that is being addressed. Please keep an eye out for a new version release this week. We are still working to properly diagnose the issue.


Thanks a ton for the follow up!

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Same problem here ! Nice to read that you are on it.

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Same issue here.

Hello steeven.

I started using the android mobile app a week ago and my rewards have disappeared twice on me.
Can you help me fix this? I use the desktop w/ no issues. I’d like to continue to use the mobile app. I saw on reddit mods can help by getting brave://rewards-internals/ from us.

Can you assist?

Thank you

HI @organicAccuracy - thanks for reporting! What Brave version were you on when they disappeared? I can help. Please DM me your Rewards Internals as well. Thanks in advance @organicAccuracy!

Just as a follow my rewards haven’t shown up yet. I can’t wait to be able to verify my wallet from my phone. The newest picture of my rewards is attached.