The address bar, at the bottom, disappears after a site is accessed

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Access this site:, from the home page, type from the address bar.
  2. After accessing, the address bar, the one at the bottom of the screen, disappears and is no longer available

Expected result: Don’t make the address bar disappear.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.64.109

Mobile Device details Samsung A15

Additional Information: Check this error carefully.

@Saoiray can you look

@Mattches , @steeven , Can it be checked and fixed?

Thank you for reaching out to us.
However, I’m not sure I understand the issue — what do you mean when you say the “address bar” at the bottom? Are you referring to the search option for the site?

Here is what I did to test:

  1. Visited the site on my Android device
  2. Allowed the site to find my location — radio started playing
  3. I tapped the “Search” button on the bottom toolbar on the site and typed in “Japan”
  4. I selected a station from the list and radio started playing
  5. I then closed/minimized all toolbars
  6. I then started selecting different options on the toolbar, like “Browse”, “Explore”, etc and used each function.

Everything worked without issue. Can you please tell me more detailed instructions on how to produce the issue you’re seeing?

@Mattches Yes, I mean the search bar at the bottom. I am attaching a video with the reproduction of the error.

Thank you for the recording. However, after viewing it, I am still unclear as to what the issue you’re seeing is. From what I can tell, everything seems to be working just fine.

Can you open another browser and show me what the expected behavior is (assuming it works correctly in another browser)?

@Mattches The problem is that the search bar disappears when I go to this site, after I access the site from the via page, from the address bar.

I apologize but I still do not understand — you’re saying the toolbar on the bottom of the page disappears once you leave the site? If that’s the case then that is the expected behavior. I see this same behavior in all other browsers.

If you are seeing a different behavior (the correct behavior) in another browser, it would be very helpful to see that in action.

@Mattches I’m referring to Brave’s search bar, as you can see from the video I attached, it’s non-existent when the site loads. It actually happens to all sites if I load them from the main page.

Here are screenshots of your recording you took. In the first image, you are just about to go to — I have one arrow pointing to the search bar (“address bar”) that you use to type in URLs and visit websites, and one arrow pointing to the toolbar, which is on the bottom of the page that displays different buttons like home, bookmark, tabs, etc:

The second screenshot below is what is seen in your recording after you visit — again, I have an arrow pointing to the address bar and the toolbar, both of which are present:

I am not seeing anything disappear.

If what you are saying is that the site you were previously on (in this case, no longer appears in the list of tabs (square box with the number inside it on the toolbar at the bottom), then that is because you pressed the back button to leave that site — meaning that you are using the same tab to leave that site and open a new one (in this case,

If you want to have two tabs open — one to and one to (for example), then simply open a new tab and visit youtube.

@Mattches put the site in the address bar and search from the keyboard and I can reproduce this error

Okay — but if you tap anywhere on the site/start using the site, the toolbar will re-appear, correct?

This is the intended behavior. For example, if I’m on youtube and start scrolling down, the toolbar and address bar will disappear until I start scrolling up again.

@Mattches No, the toolbar does not appear at all. The bar should be displayed when I enter the site, but it is completely gone when I follow the steps above.

Here is another cause by happens. It should be carefully checked and resolved.

I will have our engineers take a look.

Thank you.

Ok. I hope this aspect improves.

Has it been checked?

Hi @mattches to me with Brave - Beta 1.64.76, Chromium 122.0.6261.43, at and the bottom tool bar is always present irrespective of im scrolling or not.

It means it doesn’t affect all phone models, I tested on 3 phones: Moto G82, Moto E7 Plus and Samsung galaxy A20. You should be investigated.

We have looked into this and are unable to reproduce on any of our Android devices. We will have to continue digging — I will be filing an issue for this shortly.

Thank you

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You are correct. I forgot to add. I am using Pixel 6.