Keep losing address bar

Description of the issue:
Since update 1.38.109 I keep losing the address bar if I open a new tab. The “+ New tab” stays along the top and I cannot enter any URL or hit the Brave icon.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open browser
  2. Open new Tab
  3. New tab opens, “+ New tab” remains at the top"

Expected result:

New tab with address bar at the top

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

Google Pixel 5

Additional Information:

I have cleared cache and ensure app is terminated to get a clean start, still no difference. I’m not going to uninstall as it was all working the version before and I don’t want to lose my setup.


from where are you, that the 1.38 for android is already available for you?

Luxembourg in Europe (for 20 characters)

I just noticed if I swipe right the “+ New tab” that the address bar appears but I cannot make stay there.

I am from italy but there the update is still not available

Just my luck they stopped the rollout because of issues but after I had already upgraded.

really? where do you have rode it?

No, that’s just my guess

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Same issue. 1.38.109.

Brave is unusable for me.

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I’m glad it’s not just me

The only way I can use Brave is each time it happens to choose the “Exit” option from the menu and then when I re-start Brave it’s back to normal until it happens again.

Pretty frustrating

Same here with the latest version.

Its every time i open a new tab or i switch betweeen tabs. Basically, open the tab manager and the top bar never goes away until the app is quit (menu exit or app manager swipe up).

Its frustrating that i cant roll back to the previos version. Is there an eta for a fixed version? I know its a weekend, but thats probably when i use the brave the most.


Same here in France with this bull**it version, adresse bar totaly Invisible, not selectable either.

In my case, the issue is permanent, I have tried hard reboot but nothing fix the issue.

It is clearly a bug that only an app rollback can fix.

I’m running Android 11 on oneplus 6.

Brave is n’ont usable anymore as I cannot type search on New tabs, can’t copy URL of opened tabs, etc.

I confirm that if I maintain m’y finger on screen to swipe left or right but not release my finger, I Can see the URL bar, so the control exists but is masked.

When i release my swipe (switching tab or staying current tab, the url bar Gets masked again)

I thought I was going crazy. But it’s just the browser that’s crazy. Disappearing address bar! brilliant idea. Then the Grid view won’t matter anymore either, right? Just make it disappear! Doh!

I have the same issue. Android 12 on a OnePlus 9 Pro. The Browser is totally useless now.

Same here. Pixel 6 Pro and latest version of Brave, 1.38.109. Using tab button or swiping down on URL bar makes the URL bar not display the input and I can’t tap on it to enter something. Extremely frustrating.

Same issue, same Brave version, Android 11, OnePlus 7 Pro.

Hopefully it gets resolved soon, as it makes the browser nigh unusable.

Thanks so much for reporting everyone! We are looking into this now.

Can anyone share a screenshot of what this looks like when this happens on their end? Please and thank you.

it happens after you go to select a tab from the tab list.
if i kill brave, address bar works fine until i want to change tabs

Thank you for the screenshot — much appreciated!