The URL bar doesn't disappear anymore

Description: I read a lot on my Android phone and whenever I scrolled down the URL Bar would gradually disappear. It was very convenient so I could have more space for text. But when I went on today, the bar was frozen and wouldn’t go away. I really did love this feature so it would be great if someone could help!

Reproduction: I don’t know how it happened or if I did anything.

Expected result: I would really like the URL Bar to disappear when I scroll downwards again.

Brave Version: 1.12.113

Mobile Device details: Android 10 Pixel 3

Edit: it’s fixed!! I waited for a while and when I went back on today the URL went back and (not mentioned) the tabs were arranged so you could see a preview, unlike the list format that had also occurred before.

Edit again: It came back!!! What do I do???

That happened to me once.
Closing and restarting the app solved it.

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