Thanks brave and @steeven

Dear @steeven ,

I thank you for your help during the past three months. I finally received my first creator’s payout of November month and I hope I’ll receive other payouts soon. Guys be patient everyone will get the payouts. I also found out what mistake I did. I forgot the password of uphold, so I had to reset which made it disconnect from publisher’s account. So for the last one month I had it connected and finally I receive it today. I sincerely want to thank @steeven for bearing my messages and helping me. This is huge for me. I also want to mention, when I did not receive the payout for the first month, I created a lot of threads and got suspended and I’m sorry for that. So don’t do that guys, from the support teams perspective it really makes their work very tough. Thanks a lot bro @steeven :heart:

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@md.aasil Glad to hear everything is leveling out for you! I too had some issues and got discouraged initially. steeven and support came through and things have been working out. My issues haven’t been as technical as others so I sympathize with those who have more pressing concerns. Not to be sappy but this is a journey for all of us and patience is a virtue.


@md.aasil thanks for sharing your experience. It will help us a lot. I’m still learning about Brave International so feedbacks like your helps me to learn more about Brave International. Even I used to get panic if I didn’t get my payment on 6th or 7th of month. And start creating threads :grin:.


Thanks a bunch @md.aasil! So glad to know that you received this months payment!!

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Thanks a lot bro. You are a life savior​:heart:. And I received payouts till December only. Hope I’ll receive the January payout soon :slight_smile:

Dear Steeven ! I received my payment this month. however it is not enough or just a fraction of the amount shown in the publisher. I would be happy if you help me get the full amount. can you help me ?

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