Publisher payout to uphold


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Also waiting to receive my bat

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Have you received the payout? @Apurva

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yes i have received the payout @groot

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Same i didnt recieve tooo

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Just Now I received June Payout… :v:
Thanks Brave :lion:!


@BuNNty how did you get so much bats?)) i received only 3 bats))

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I don’t want to start a rumor, but the US is very scared of the Yuan (Chinese crypto) UK needs to send an urgent message to US telling them to take this very seriously as it has been working on this currency for longer than the last one does not think and it enters its final phase on June 2 of which we all know that crypto is the currency of the future and that almost everything is done in China I let you imagine the rest of things. I no longer receive the 5 announcements but I have received my BAT monthly payment.

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Yuan is Chinese national currency not crypto. Where do you get your information from??
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I’m also waiting for my payout @steeven , some are getting I didn’t receive yet help me

@Apurva please DM me the email linked to your Creator account.

ready, I already sent you a DM with the email to the email linked to the Creator account

@steeven I’m showing payment in the creator portal (but also like the bat trapped in my browsers) I’m not seeing anything on uphold.

I would also like to bring attention to the same problem I’m facing too (my thread: 3 Months Unpaid Creators' Reward, Brave Support Not Responding). I have 3 months’ worth of unpaid Brave Creators dating from my March rewards which wasn’t paid out on 8 Apr, 8 May, nor 8 Jun.

I attempted to self-help since Brave wasn’t responding to my messages, so I’ve also did an Uphold reconnection on 21 May. But it didn’t work.

So I’m still here, stuck with unpaid Creators’ Rewards.

Seriously didn’t you see she said she received her payment you are ignoring others like they are nowhere

To clarify what Gaurav meant (since it confused me on first read) - Brave support is asking Apurva for more details, but Apurva has already received payment. However, others have not, and they are being ignored.

Well, to be fair, this is Apurva’s thread. But Gaurav’s frustration is understandable too.

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