Hi. I didn't receive my Payout of Brave Publisher of November month please help me @steven

Sir still I didn’t receive my November month Publisher Payout. Please look into my account harshit.thammisetty@outlook.com and send me Sir @steeven.

thats a lot of bat…how do you manage to get that !!!..btw fix is on the way…Acc. to @steeven fix will probably come in this week

refer to this Any tentative date for the uphold payout fix?

Hi. I got that much Bat from Tips bro @Punkboy

Do you have any yt channel ??

Will I get my Bat into Uphold this month or not ? :pensive:

i am suffering from the same issue

Did you get last month payment? From publisher

new to this publisher…but i got my uphold connected brave account bat into the uphold wallet

Same Even Mine is the first payment I hoped on 8 th Nov. But I didn’t get

sad life :pensive: :pensive:

Where are you from Bro?

INDIA …same as yours

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I didn’t get mine either. Hasn’t worked since August and sent emails numerous times. Shows no credit for November either. What a total farse!!

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