Payment not received | March 2021

@steeven Hello friend, sorry for tagging you here! I have sent you a private message :), I have not received the payment for the month of March. I’m writing because you marked the editors March 2021 post as completed.
You can help me ?
years working with you and I have never had this problem!

I have sent to your MD my email linked to my publisher account.
A hug, have a great day :slight_smile:


the same here not get any thing
Sir @steeven Please check for me what happened to my account. Thanks so much!


@steeven I have sent you the email associated with my account by private message! Please help !


" The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later. "
As last month, I still did not receive full payment. :joy:

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I also didn’t receive my payment.

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no recibi el pago y tengo muchos BAT pendientes en mi cuenta de creador valiente

Its day 7 now in a total freeze, march 5 payments haven’t gone to uphold, brave ads has totally died as if I am stuck in time lol.


I received my referral reward in December 2020. I refer before the refer program ended. In January, February,March 2021 my bat doesn’t transfer to my uphold.So why my bat is not transfer to my uphold???
I am waiting for my payment


same problem. it seems a lot of creators missing payment this month. I switched my wallet to gemini and payout stopped.

Its day 8 in payout freeze. Getting cold out here, Snow piercer level

Apparently the payments are failing, I also sent a message to steven and on twitter to @braveSampson

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