First Month as creator with Verified Uphold since Feb 2019? (PAYOUT NOW RECEIVED)

So Ive been Brave Creator since start 2019 but last month i finally managed to get my replacement UK Driving Licence and have now verified all my accounts inc Uphold, But I knew my next Payout date was set for August (First Payout that is) but from reading other threads here should payouts have normally been payed out by today? Is there anyone from Brave Team who could add to this, is there a problem or is everything running as its supposed too but just a lot of data to get through??

Sorry as i mentioned this would be my first ever Payout from my Brave Creator account to my Verified / Linked Uphold account so im new to the process so any guidance would really be appreciated.

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It’s not started yet. Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

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Sorry my bad just read that thread just now, thanks for the heads up least i know now.


Just got my 1st ever Payout, but can I assume Ill get the shortfall (referral commission) next month then?? Sorry this process is still new to me payout wise?

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Edited this thread Title in hopes of helping other users here who like myself were looking for info.

Thanks for the update. Glad you received yours @bodgeup. :+1:

:+1: Yep received my Site Payout but still bit confused around the referral payouts, but least its working. Ill just have to post Monday to ask about the referral part? Are Referral payouts a month behind do you know in the way they work?? I only have Referral confirms from June, and August so I assumed at least June referral payouts would have gone out this month but as I say this is my first month with a Verified Uphold account + My Report is still generating too so ill await for that to become available to find out more.

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Friends, I have not received my monthly payment yet, when will you start making payments? I’m worried @eljuno

Pretty sure your just down to a waiting game if your creator account was linked to a verified Uphold account b4 1st Aug…

Must be loads of data they have to get through as im still awaiting my report to see exactly what was payed out this month and what missed the freeze…

(If your creator account finishes its generating msg and still no Payout then use the megathread for Aug thats reopening for that purpose tomorrow)

You received your BAT from tips, but not your BAT from referrals?

Looks that way, although as i mentioned my report hasnt arrived but the numbers = my site tips. If my report confirms this ill chase my June Confirmed Referrals Tomorrow. Depends how they perform the Payout processes, it could well be there done in batches rather than account basis?? But soon as i get my report ill have my answers but my Payout was short I know that for certain as I was able to take into account the freeze period so knew what i was expecting so when i saw the payout on uphold i wasnt over the moon lol.

LOL for that matter do others have an UpHold card for Referrals, I just realised i have Brave cards for all my sites and links but nothing for Referrals?? What do those get payed too then?? Can someone tell me how theres have been paying out card wise on UpHold pls?

(Still hoping these Payouts work in channel batches and that will mean my Referral BAT will eventually be paid)


@bodgeup I’m pretty sure it’s also still processing (re: referral)

your channel name card on Uphold is used if you receive direct tips. Direct tips mean when the tipper(?) is having a verified brave:rewards wallet – so the tip will be sent directly.

All non direct tips and referral will be accumulated in your dashboard and will be deposited once a month to this selected deposit card. e.g. id you choose BAT as deposit currency, it’ll be deposited to BAT card.

Thanks for the help with this topic, as mentioned im going to await for my report when its ready as that should tell me shouldnt it?

I chose GBP as payout currency and my main Tipping site card came out right but till i know for sure where my Refferal payouts were paid to where on UpHold so far my numbers are short still, but im starting to get a feel of how the process works at least.

= 2 group 2 confirmed referrals short basically lol, but till I see the report im still guessing soz.


Señores de Brave entonces los pagos de referencia empezara desde este lunes de amanecida espero que si porque el mes de Julio me pagaron un 7 de Julio bueno esperemos que los pagos sean procesados GRACIAS BRAVE REWARDS

Received 2nd Payout Monday morning which must of been my Referral payout. Did wonder if payouts were done in batches i.e. Site tips & Refferals, guess my assumption was correct as refferal payout came after my site payout. Anyway at least I know how the process works now so next month I know what to expect.

Thanks Brave, BAT ecosystem is the best idea ever!!