Why change to Chromium?

I just figured I’d leave my two cents here before leaving for good.

Your switch to Chromium was a mistake. Big one.

What’s the point on having installed yet another glorified Chrome, instead of a proper, different web-browser? I have 4 browsers installed right now and every single one of them is another Chrome clone, like Brave is now.

And that’s not even the least of it: you dropped a lot of functions which actually provided the USPs to even use Brave in the first place.

Site and process isolation? Gone.
Erase all data after closing Brave automatically? Gone. This was pretty much 80% of why I even used Brave.
The list goes on.

I’m out. This isn’t worth it anymore, and I was one of your most staunch proponents. I even worth an article about it and at this point I’m considering pulling it. Every strong point Brave had, is gone. The whole idea of a ‘new improved browser’ now resides in on single shitty extension?

Vivaldi is better if someone just wants another Chromium clone. Much better. Your strength resided in something else, and you let that go.

Hi @romanov,

Actually, the previous Brave is also use Chromium as the engine and Muon (Electron fork) for the UI. Migration to full Chromium front-end is just simply to make the development easier. And the team can focused more on Brave features like Brave Rewards, Sync, etc. You can read more about this here https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/

Since it’s still on progress, many features is missing. But many issues logged to bring missing features back.

Logged here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/492

It’s enabled by default, IIRC :slightly_smiling_face: