People are confused about Chromium

There is a lot of people think Chromium-based Brave is bad idea because of Google. I think this must be clarified. What is the licence of Chromium? Is Brave independent in every situation that can be occur?

Brave is fully open-source and transparent; our fork of Chromium is completely our own. Anyone’s concerns about what we do with their data and what aspects of Chromium are present can be fact checked against our public code repositories at

Thanks for your reply. A lot of people don’t know and spread misinformation. You can see them in reddit and forums for example in this webpage people don’t want to Brave as a default browser in their OS:

@v0iD @kadir appreciate you bringing this to our attention; we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

You’re right – the thread in which you’re referring to was left in the Feedback category, which is certainly the right place for it. I should have been more clear in that thread.

That said, you and the other user in the thread asked us to do something. When your thread wasn’t responded to, you derived that your posts were “irrelevant” and sarcastically stated “Why would we listen to our users?”. You then subsequently proceeded to say that if we don’t do what you and the other user were asking, that you would stop using Brave. Further, you did:

Moved from Brave on my main system back to FF. While setting up FF is time consuming if you don’t have a js file or the settings already saved and ready to go. I find that the extra effort at this moment in time is better used.

That is well within your right and you’re welcome to browse however you see fit. However, it is not constructive to request something and then subsequently complain and claim that I (or anyone on this team) don’t listen to or care when you don’t receive the answer you’d like.

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