Request: Drop the Chromium Engine


Please stop using the Chromium engine and go back to the engine in use in Muon.

Brave should not be Yet Another Chrome Clone. It will not succeed by using Chromium, because there will be no benefit to using it over Chrome. Nothing Brave can offer while using Chromium is anything that Chrome or Firefox 60.x cannot do with plugins. But what Brave was while on Muon was unique and powerful. Giving up and becoming Yet Another Chrome Clone will mean the death of the Brave browser.

Please reconsider the horrible, horrible mistake of using Chromium and go back to the old engine.


Hi @Wearyman,
Thanks for the feedback.

Previous Brave (muon) also based on Chromium. But use Muon (electron fork) for the UI. And the new Brave is now full Chromium. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll not said that the team is “gave up”. This migration is “needed” to make the development easier for the team. Many compatibility and issues is found in the previous build. Like bookmarks manager, tabs, start-up time, etc.

And with the migration to Chromium front-end, all those issues is “fixed” and the team can focus more on Brave main feature like Brave Shields, Brave Rewards, and Brave Sync. The new version also faster than prev. Brave, IMHO. Yet, it’s still in development and many features from prev. Brave is missing. The team really work hard to deliver it.

Nothing to worry about this migration. Brave team is make sure there’s no codes that can phones home to Google. :slightly_smiling_face:



At the same time, there’s more to it than that. Sure, the page rendering engine was always Chromium, but the user experience was noticeably different than Chrome, and MUCH better. It looked better, and was easier to use. I elaborated on that here Newer build removed half of what I liked about Brave

The current beta is terrible. I am assuming it’s growing pains, but believe me, a smiley is NOT what I would put after “the new Brave is now full Chromium.” That’s fully terrible.


@Wearyman Please read this New version 0.57 feels really bad to clear your doubts about Clone of Chrome


I was about to leave Muon Brave because of performance issues on the Mac. The current Chromium version is way faster and supports Chrome plugins, which is really helpful for the work I do. If Brave were to go back to Muon I would not stick around. I don’t see a single reason why the old version was better in any way, except for the “we just don’t want another Chrome clone” reason. What’s the real problem here?

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This is a complaint masquerading as a “request”.