Brave Browser security update support for Windows 7 and 8.x

Since Google announced Chrome 110 will only support Windows 10 and 11 on February 2023, does Brave and even other Chromium-based browser (i.e. Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi) are also affected? They will still release some extended security updates?


I saw this news earlier today and logged in here today just to say that this is such a bad move from Google

if there is one main thing that makes me uncomfortable about brave browser is that it’s dependency on chromium, i really wish Brave would expand their team and build something chromium worthy equivalent, say something like firefox, where its completely independent from Google’s moves and actions and focuses mostly on how to increase its userbase. Brave took the initiative to launch Brave search which is a big move but not showing interest to break the dependency is somewhat making me sad :cry:

Both Microsoft and Google are well known for not respecting the classics (Make effort to kill the old releases just so people will be forced to use their new softwares (to increase the user count and make ad revenue from it))

Windows 8.1 is the most prettiest OS Microsoft has ever released with beautiful icons(Recycle bin, This PC, Explorer,etc) :heart:

and it’s not good to see it dying in this way. For Windows 8.1, I usually never care about getting software updates for other softwares because most of the softwares which i use already have all of the essential features which i really need(with the ui of all programs which i love gives me 100% satisfaction).

However for brave, while i don’t care about not getting chromium based security updates, i’m highly worried about being dropped out on not getting ui, ease of access, customization, features based and shields feature updates :slightly_frowning_face:

8.1 is so much faster than win 10 or 11. If you have win 10 or 11, you can check it for yourself.

Perform a Restart, dont open any apps, open only task manager and check the number of Processes running and RAM usage as well

Even if Brave drops support for Windows 8.1, i’ll continue to use 8.1 but deep inside i hope and pray brave will figure out a way to keep delivering updates for ui based features because i really like customization of designs and ease of access features and will always look forward for it first.


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