Tabs/windows that were open prior to reboot didn't reload

What would have caused a failure of windows/tabs to repopulate following a system restart?

Not only didn’t they reload as expected, but the dialog that explicitly asks whether you want them reloaded never appeared.

Not having your windows/tabs load after a system reset can add a lot of work to getting back to where you thought you were going to be.

If you go to brave://settings/, scroll to the very bottom and make sure the right option is selected:


There is also an option for “show dialog on quit”:


Hope that helps.

Thanks. Something definitely seems off.

In Settings all I see are these 4 categories:

Search engine
Brave shields defaults

The last item displayed is Manage Extensions under ‘Extensions.’ There’s nothing below that, including no way to get to the ‘Advanced’ options.

Brave Dev also crashed a few minutes ago (while the computer was idle) and again didn’t reload numerous windows, although I clicked the option to restore in real time.

Some or possibly all of those windows/tabs that didn’t reload (except for Private) are aggregated under History, though other than windows that had only one tab only a ‘number of tabs’ is listed for each (i.e., the windows/tabs aren’t identified until the mouse pointer triggers the sub-menu for each).

This is in “Version 0.61.17 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) dev (64-bit).”

I see a “Nearly up to date! Relaunch Brave to finish updating.” prompt so I’ll try doing that to see whether that fixes what’s going on & then post back.

@chriscat UPDATE: Relaunching seems to have cleared up the above.

As a point of interest, before I did that I stored all open windows/tabs to OneTab to back them up.

OneTab ‘saw’ all the windows & tabs that weren’t displayed in Brave Dev (& stored them).

In Settings, ‘Continue where you left off’ wasn’t checked. That must mean that an update resets it because I’ve always used that option.

Can the updates be made to retain the user’s previously-made selections? If not, an alert that an update has occurred would prevent a possibly ‘bad situation’ (e.g., thinking your windows/tabs will all reload & then finding that they don’t) from occurring.


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